VBA Recovery Toolkit 6.1

VBA Recovery Toolkit allows you to access locked or unviewable VBA projects in MS Office [Access, Excel, ...], WordPerfect, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, etc. Build-in VBA Code Viewer to recover, preview and filter files with potentially harmful (hidden) code.

VBA Recovery Toolkit 6.1

VBA Recovery Toolkit by Thegrideon Software is a unique tool to assist in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Projects reverse engendering: preview project settings, reset project settings, recover and preview source code, uncover potentially harmful hidden modules and more...
It changes VBA Project settings in VBA IDE internal records without modifying a bit in your file. This way it can reset or fix Project access issues regardless of file format or the program used to open it, so this method is applicable to all VBA Projects in any VBA-featured document: MS Office 97 - 2016 (MS Access, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Word, etc.), Visio, FrontPage, AutoCAD, WordPerfect, CorelDRAW, Photo-PAINT, etc.
VBA Recovery Toolkit encrypts and decrypts Corel .gms files (CorelDRAW / Photo-PAINT).
Build-in VBA Code Viewer with syntax highlighting and basic deobfuscation is also available for AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Excel, PowerPoint, SolidWorks and Word to quickly review and filter files with potentially harmful (hidden) modules.


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